For high income earners, Qualified Retirement Plans typically provide less than 25% of target retirement income.  They must rely on Supplemental Plans, such as 457(f) plans and Deferred Compensation plans, to make up the shortfall.  Unfortunately, these “non-qualified” plans have several unattractive consequences:

  • Contributions to 457(f) plans are generally pre-tax. 

  • However, upon full vesting, the entire balance becomes taxable to the participant, eliminating any real tax benefit. 

  • Further, after vesting, and through retirement, all growth and distributions are taxable. 

  • These plans are also subject to creditor claims against the hospital, which could wipe out the plan balance if there are claims that exceed their liability coverage.

Physicians who own their own practice are building up equity that benefits them financially at retirement.  Physicians who work for a nonprofit do not have this option.  Their only exit strategy is their salary and retirement plans.  Accordingly, it is imperative they utilize their best options.  However, typical retirement plans are severely deficient for high income earners.  Luckily, nonprofit-employed physicians have access to a special retirement plan, which is substantially better than their counterparts in the private sector.


We have several hundred licensed representatives of TRIA Plan across the country,  Each has many years of wealth planning and executive benefits experience, and are at the forefront of this quickly changing environment. 

Physician Exit Strategies

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  • Superior Investment Vehicle

    • Principal Protected Index Account

  • Triple Tax-Free

    • No tax drain ever

  • Included Ancillary Benefits

    • Permanent Life and Health Coverages

  • Non-Recourse Financing

    • Leverage enhances benefits, minimizes personal outlay

  • Flexible Design

    • Accomplish multiple corporate objectives

Beyond Conventional Retirement Plans

TRIA was designed by a national network of professionals with multiple backgrounds of expertise, such as investments, tax planning, banking, insurance, and risk management.  We work closely with law firms and CPAs who specialize in non-profit clients, collaborating on the design of TRIA.  Our legal and tax staff are available for consultation.


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