TRIA is not merely incrementally better than traditional plans, it represents a quantum-leap in safety and efficiency. 

TRIA is designed with features unobtainable in the private sector that make employment by non-profits more attractive.

The most innovative Supplemental Benefit Plan

designed specifically for non-profit organizations

TRIA fills the gap between what we can do versus what we should do.  

For the Organization:

  • No cost to implement or administer

  • Reduces expenses

  • Converts liabilities into assets

  • Vesting provisions that improve retention

For the Participants:

  • Higher potential retirement income than standard options

  • Attractive and flexible benefits solution

  • Ability to allocate less funds for more benefits

  • More income available for lifestyle

  • More secure environment

Social Responsibility:

  • TRIA demonstrates better stewardship of financial resources, supporting the organization’s longer-term mission.

TRIA Benefits

​TRIA is the most exciting benefit program being offered to non-profits, their executives and physicians in the last 40 years.  It is superior, compliant and extremely compelling.​​

National Partners in Implementation and Administration: