The ultimate goal of retirement planning is to maximize Net-After-Tax Spendable Income.  “Tax Drain” is the biggest impediment to maximizing long-term accumulation.

Investing your take-home salary is the least efficient option

  • After income tax, you are starting with 45% less
  • All earnings and gains are annually taxable
  • All distributions through retirement are taxable

Invest through a Qualified Retirement Plan

  • Contributions are pre-tax, so 100% starts working
  • Tax-deferred accumulations
  • However, Retirement Plan distributions are 100% income taxable
  • Keeps you in the highest tax bracket through retirement

TRIA is the only plan that is tax-free in all 3 stages

  • All contributions are pre-tax
  • All growth and earnings are not taxed
  • All distributions during retirement are not taxed

Tax Benefits

Triple tax-advantaged allows participants to allocate much less of their salary to achieve their target retirement income, giving them more take-home pay.